About me

I am a visual artist beginner, currently residing in North Wales. I enjoy working in a variety of mediums as this allows me to thoroughly explore an idea or concept and helps forward my creativity into new territory. One theme I often explore is how to create something in a visual manner that cannot usually be seen (like a feeling) or how to achieve a sense of movement in a static Image, If I can abstract this to it’s core, then I usually will.

Too many artists to mention Influence my work, however, Jackson Pollock’s drip paintings have been an obvious springboard for some of my paintings and prints, Robert Rauschenberg’s experimentation is a joy and I respect Francisco Goya’s mastery of light. I enjoy Mark Rothko’s use of colour and am fascinated by Joseph Cornell’s curiosities. Movement in a static sculpture always makes me look twice, as do surrealist assemblies. But photography, printmaking, design, film, magic, music, wordplay and more can just as easily occupy my creative thought as much as any visual art piece can.

I studied a level 3/4 Diploma in Foundation Studies (Art & Design) and went on to study a BA (Hons) Fine Art at UAL: Chelsea College of Arts.