War & Peace

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Those who profit from war are not men and women practicing faith or benefiting their community, neither are they spiritually guided. People in the shadows are being driven by fear of losing the power they think they have. They perpetuate and orchestrate cycles of hate & division. They do not have compassion in their hearts.

The most effective way to continue a cycle of war is to traumatise, especially the young.

The young victims of war on all sides will now have a monster that torments them, the monster of their own mind unable to process what they feel and have witnessed. Most will not understand the cycle or how to process the trauma and will grow up with an enemy that lurks around every corner.

Hate and fear are poison. When we take action with hate and fear in our hearts, the consequences are more pain and suffering. When we see fearful situations played out In front of us, we either feed the hate and fear with more hate and fear, or we feel pain.

We feel pain because we see ourselves in another’s suffering, this ignites fear. However, If we can see ourselves in another then we are also capable of empathy and if we can feel empathy then it’s not a stretch to feel compassion. If we can focus on compassion for ALL those who are suffering then we ALL win because fear has lost.

Let our eyes see past our outer garments, languages spoken, differences in daily patterns, colours of passports, skin, hair, flags…..all those identities that keep us separate because truly we are not. We are human and do not want to lose our humanity. If we lose our humanity, we all lose and fear has won.

Let our words be tools of support and strength and not the tools of those who profit from fear.

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